CoreELEC   Installation and Booting

:question: Which DTB do I use? ( 2 3 ) (55)

As part of the CoreELEC install process you are required to copy a device tree from the device_trees folder on your sdcard/flash drive to the root folder of your sdcard/flash drive and rename it to dtb.img, failure to do…

Installing to internal NAND/eMMC ( 2 ) (26)

Please be aware that if users choose to use the installtointernal script to install CoreELEC to the internal partitions of their devices then no support or assistance will be offered by any CoreELEC developer for any iss…

Notice on updating from LibreELEC builds (2)

If you have updated from a LibreELEC build without doing a new/fresh install then no support will be given. Because of the changes between our images and LE images, it is not a trouble-free upgrade anymore. Remote conf…

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