Feature Requests

Moonlight add-on support (3)
CE S905X ARM X64 Edition? (4)
Alexa skill (2)
TVHProxy and PLEX media server (5)
CPU or GPU overclocking possible? (12)
coreElec 8.95.3 pass-through Bug (2)
Enable Python3 module lzma (xz) (6)
Add-on for remote response config (1)
Using f2fs (2)
Visualizations? (2)
Add LFE on stereo downmix (1)
Support for Amlogic gxlx_p261 board request (15)
Add feature, ffmpeg as default (7)
Change feature, codec info vs. Player process info (4)
Change feature, all cpu cores visibility (4)
Add features, SNMP, Skype (3)
Combined Audio Output availiable by default (1)
Release schedule (6)
Can you add an option to the Shutdown Menu for the "systemctl restart kodi" SSH command? ( 2 ) (22)
Wake On Lan (8)
DS controller patch (6)
Java for BD-J menus? (6)
Embedded Mono (4)
Wake Kodi for recordings (2)
Amremote (remote.conf) option (12)
NFS server (13)
Viaplay addon (2)
Start boot option (13)
Use eth_hw_addr_random() instead of CPU serial# for MAC address on eth0 (19)
Save all Settings (10)