3840x1600p60hz possible?


I’m running a THL Box 1 Pro (S905x , 2Gb) with CoreELEC 19.5 - Matrix_rc2 on an LG UltraWide 38UC99.

The native resolution of the monitor is 3840x1600p @ 60Hz.

I added this resolution to .kodi/userdata/disp_cap and can select it, but the picture is very distorted. :upside_down_face: I tried 30Hz as well with the same result.

I also enabled the VESA modes in the CoreELEC settings. I tried different HDMI cables as well, but the one I use should work, as it works when I connect a notebook to the monitor.

Am I out of luck or is there a way to get it work?

Thank you!

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You may try adding custom modeline= to /flash/config.ini

Thank you, ubiloy.

I added the modeline (with hopefulIy the correct values) but it didn’t improve.

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I am not sure if the S905X is able to handle this?

Ok, that was a task to check it. I had to reinstall Android and find a suitable TV, but I can confirm: It supports 2160p60Hz (in Android).

But no 3840x1600 in Android as well…

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