4k content playing in 1080

I have latest 20.0 RC2 build of coreelec installed on my odroid N2+ but when I play most 4k content, my TV shows it as playing at 1080. Certain test videos play at 4k but the large majority of content shows as 1080. How can i go about fixing this? Thanks in advance

When you have a 4k TV support the resolutions and frame rate you maybe have a whitelist limit in Kodi.
They are in Kodi video expert settings.

I initially had whitelist settings just set at default and was able to view 4k content fine with my exact setup i have. Recently it doesn’t show 4k content anymore. I’ve tried whitelisting only all the 3840 X 2160 resolutions (and no 1080 resolutions) but it still plays at 1080. Any idea why this might happen?