4k/HDR playing as 1080p


i’m using minix U9H with CE 9.2.1 and i noticed my 4k/HDR video are playing as 1080p on my TV.
My setup is Minix -> AVR (Denon X4500H) -> Sony Bravia

To rule out the AVR, i directly connect my Minix U9 to my TV, using premium certified HDMI cable.
Below is the dispinfo result while playing a 4k/HDR content.

is there a setting I need to enable or disable to play in native 4k / HDR ?

Thank you

Could be unrelated as I can’t make sense of logs myself, but are you using Adjust refresh rate on Start rather than on Start/Stop?

Have you tried a few different files? Most of mine play fine as 4K but I have one that won’t for some reason.

I fixed that by enabling “disable guy scaling”

Please upload 30 second sample somewhere

where is this setting ? i can’t find it

what do you need exactly ? Log of the video playing for 30 sec ?

30 second of that video file on that you have this issue.

it’s not linked to a particular video file as it happens to all of them.
Also when I set Adjust display refresh rate to on start / on stop, it looks like it works. But after a while, the screen starts to flicker, and becomes black then back to a lower resolution.
I f i set Adjust display refresh rate to off, i’m stuck in 1080p.