4k/UHD resolutions missing on start

Hi, not sure when/how long this had been happening, but I noticed recently that whenever I start my N2 with my g40 IR remote (using a learned IR command), when the box boots up, all of the 4k/UHD resolutions are missing from system settings.

As soon as I reboot the box through either kodi or ssh, all of the 4k resolutions re-appear. My N2 is connected via hdmi to my yamaha rx-v679bl, which supports 4k60 passthrough to my tv (lg xx oled). When I reboot, 4k hdr works perfectly, and resolution switches works as it should.

Before I reboot however, the highest resolution I can get is 1080p.

Here is a log of when I start my N2 with ir and 4k resolution options are missing.


Have the same occassional issue on N2.

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interesting - I can reliably reproduce this every time I turn my N2 on from my remote.

I caught something in the logs I suspect as you have an LG TV like mine your suffering from an issue I had on my older box can you try
Navigate to to Settings > System settings > CoreELEC Turn on “Use 4:2:2 colour subsampling"
and see if that sorts it?

Thanks, I tried turning that on, then turned my box off (which turns off the TV and AVR via CEC), waited a few minutes, then turned it back on (which turns the TV and AVR on via CEC), and the 4k resolutions we’re still missing.

As soon as I rebooted the box (which keeps the TV and AVR on) the 4k resolutions return.

I just did another test, and have a small bit more information. I turned my TV in using the TV remote (which turned the AVR in via CEC, but didn’t turn on the N2 for some reason). I then used my G40 remote to turn on the N2, similar to how I normally do it (this time the difference being the TV and AVR were already on) and voila, the 4k resolutions are working on initial boot.

Does anyone have any idea why when my N2 starts my TV and AVR via CEC 4k isn’t recognized by the N2?

It’s likely that the EDID is different when both the AVR and TV are off. I don’t think there’s much you can do about it except to turn on the TV and make it turn on the CoreELEC box.

For some reason, I can’t get the TV or AVR to turn on the N2 via CEC.

What I ended up doing was I changed the IR wakeup code on the N2 & G40S remote to my TV’s power button. This way, when I hit the power button on my remote, my TV, AVR, & N2 all turn on at the same time.

However, since the boot for the N2 is a little slower, by the time the N2 is booted up, the TV & AVR are both already on, which allows the 4k resolutions to work straight away.

Kind of a bootleg solution, but my wife can’t tell the difference, and it works, so I’ll take it.

Thanks All

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