4k Video starts black

I have a Epson TW9400 connected to my Odroid N2 running on CoreElec 9.2.2. The projector is a 4k lens shift projector.

Whenever I watch any 1080p movie, video and audio start quite immediately after pressing the play button. But when I start with a 4k, audio starts, video stays black for about 4 to 5 seconds until a picture is visible.

Is this a projector thing or is there any setting in CoreElec that I might have forgot to choose?

Thx in advance

HDR turning on or the resolution/refresh rate changing.
The same thing would happen when you stop playing the video.

So behaviour is as expected?

Did you set “Delay after change of refresh rate” in Display Settings to off ?

Yes, it is set to off.

Yes. It takes time for the projector to change the modes. Even if you turn off refresh rate matching, HDR mode has to be changed which takes time.

If you set it to on, your problem will go away (meaning that you will get no audio without video). Set it to 4-5 seconds, then the playback will start only after the display has set the correct parameters.

Hm yes, I already thought so, because the projector makes “special” noises which might come from the lens shifting mechanism.

Oh yes, quite a good idea… a shame that I haven’t thought of it earlier… :slight_smile: