8.90.2 on X92_S912 tv box

Works OK, but still have to disable all “dirty regions” to get subtitles without frame stutter.
One more thing, had to remap some keys on my Rii8 mini keyboard with “Keymap Editor” (did not need that with 8.90.1)

One question regarding Display Settings -> Number of buffers used by graphics driver - 2 or 3, what is the difference if any?

I think Team Kodi are looking at removing the dirty regions implementation or reworking it, I remember reading a PR about it.

IR is back to the way it was in 8.90.0 the changes in .1 was just temporary because IR got completely broken in Kodi due to some changes they made.

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For the Buffers setting, if you dont see any issues with playback, you could leave it as is.

Some info on 2x/3x on this link https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/82318/what-problem-does-double-or-triple-buffering-solve-in-modern-games

Tnx, after reading that explanation I’ll keep it on triple-buffer.

I miss the LCD display on in the last build of X92.

@el_Salmon Why do you miss the display?
It works just as it did in the last few builds. More info here:

Thanks @TheCoolest, I will check it.