Video Calibration reset after reboot

From the video calibration I adjust the position of the subtitles, but when restarting the box they return to be as at the beginning, the settings are not saved. Is it a common bug or does it just happen to me? Thanks!

Mecool M8S Pro + (S905X)

It’s a bug of Kodi 18 not of CoreElec. But i thnik they (Kodi) fixed it just a few days ago, so should be fixed in the next version of Coreelec.

In the meantime, i think the problem occurs only when refresh rate = 60hz in video settings. I use 59.9hz then it works.

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@nd299 is right.
This Kodi bug only occurs at 1080p/60Hz.
The fix Team Kodi implemented should be already available in the latest nightly (20181105).

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Thanks!! i will try the nightlys