8K Test Channel

I had no idea where this should be posted so apologies in advabced if I got it wrong.

There is now an 8K Test TV Channel from SES on Astra 28.2E satellite which some might like to try to view … just to see if they can! :slight_smile:

This is a pic of Kodi on my PC trying to play this channel … not very successfully.

The 8 threads go to about 100% and the 8GB ram to about 75% before the pic breaks up.
I am using an i7-3770S with on-die graphics.

A limiting factor is the LAN tuners have only a 100Mb NIC and the stream gets at least to 92Mb/s

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Not much strain on my desktop (i9 9900k) and only seen it top out at about 72Mb/s on the video

I saw it hit 72Mb/s last night, but whatever diff there was tonight it went in excess of 90.

Of course your hardware is much more capable than mine … including HD decoding whereas mine could only do software decoding.
I don’t think I need to change my hardware quite yet though :smiley:

My minix u9 is not having any of it though

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