9.0.1 - some remote buttons don't work

Hello, after upgrade to 9.0.1 some of my “MeLe F10 Deluxe” remote buttons stopped working:Context menu, volume up, volume down.
Other buttons are working fine as before.
This remote was compatible with previous versions just OK without need to fiddle with configuration. Any advice?

Have you tried playing with the Keymap Editor add-on to see if it can help you restore those buttons’ actions ?

Just installed the add-on and briefly tested. The volume buttons are detected with numeric codes 61625 and 61624 instead of default f9 and f10…
I have saved the keymap but not suree how to activate my config.
What is strange that until version 9 this remote was always supported by default…

After upgrade to CE 9.0.3 on s905x box the Mele remote buttons “Context menu”, “volume up” and “volume down” are still not working. Not sure how to adjust the configuration to make it work again.