9.0.2 buggy

There’s something wrong with playback. It stutters when playing at 50 Hz even though it should be butter smooth.
Second thing is still unstable boot when installed to internal.
I really don’t get it guys. Why are so stubborn?
Why spending money on ultra fast SD card when there’s build in flash drive inside the box? We buy the boxes because there are cheap. Not because we want to spend extra money on something that’s already in the box.
And your argument is to keep Kodi as close as possible to original.
Well, that’s just stupid. It’s an open source software and you already made some changes by adding things like OC, forcing 8 bit depth and so on.
Please fix the unstable boot from internal.
Sometimes it boots fast and without problems and sometimes it freezes and restets the box.
But more important is choppy playback.
9.0.1 plays fine.

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