9.2.2 nf_conntrack missing

Hi Team,

Many thanks for new 9.2.2 version.

Unfortunately /proc/net/nf_conntrack dissapeared comparing to 9.2.1 version disappeared.

CE works great with Docker add-on which allows to add some more flexibility.
One of crucial elements is monitoring hence need to have it back.

The only change was that update. System forward packets still, hence it seems like it is kernel level config change.

Could we please get it added back?


There was some kernel config changes to align the kernel config closer to other devices and none of them have CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_MARK enabled.

I’m happy to enable it for you but you would have to install the nightly release and feedback whether this is sufficient or whether you need other modules enabling too.

Somehow I didn’t receive notifications from discourse hence replying only now. Yes, happy to report back. (right now, I just moved to 19.1 from 9.2.7. Will check status and report back - though still trying to find a way to get docker enabled on 19.1).