9.2.7 Discussion

Just tried a different wall outlet, different power supply, different HDMI cable and my PC monitor instead of TV and no USB devices. Still the same, red PWR LED and display go down.

I guess… I’ll have to find a new Kodi device. It was a good year. Thanks for your support.

/edit: or attempt this fix: fixed blown 5v regulator on my Odriod N2 - ODROID

It looks like the following commit, broke the ability to edit and save network settings.

showButton() takes a string id as the second parameter, and uses it to get a localised string to set the save and cancel button labels, but when called in connman the localised string is used instead, resulting in the following errors:

2021-04-15 12:59:20.460 T:3322454912 WARNING: ## CoreELEC Addon ## oeWindows.mainWindow::showButton(1, save_network) ## ERROR: (TypeError('an integer is required',))
2021-04-15 12:59:20.471 T:3322454912 WARNING: ## CoreELEC Addon ## oeWindows.mainWindow::showButton(2, cancel) ## ERROR: (TypeError('an integer is required',))
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I think you’re right. The parameter need to be a number as it get translated later to string:

Thank you for your support!

Thanks should go to you and the team for all the hard work you put in.

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Thanks for the hint with English UI.
Same here with Wetek Play 2 - Bluetooth dissapeared on 9.2.7. I guess I’ll wait for 9.2.8.

I’ve had a portable drive connected to my S905X3 box for a while formatted to NTFS without any issues. Recently formatted it to EXT4 for Docker but now the device won’t boot with it connected. I can unplug so it continues. Afterwards once CE is up it’ll work fine. I’ve tried different USB ports but can’t fix it. Any solution?

Sounds as if your EXT4 file system might have a dirty filesystem tag, try running fsck on the drive and see if it throws up any errors and clears them.


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Ext2Fsd was showing it as EXT3, so something wasn’t right. I formatted again with another software and it seems to have fixed it. Thanks.

Edit: I followed this guide so it could be done within CE

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The widevine issue has been solved in new 9.2.8. At this time, as usual, the auto update is off so those who want it, have to download the new release following the link in the announcement.

Just updated from 9.2.7 to 9.2.8 and now 50 or 25 Hz mkv files stutter where they played fine previously. This is on an Odroid N2. Anyone else have this problem? I played around with all the settings I thought may impact this but nothing seems to fix the issue. Reinstalled 9.2.7 and then some older versions but the problem persists. Nothing else has changed. I was in the middle of watching the British “The Sandbaggers” which is 25 fps (h.265) and it was fine before the update and then after the update it’s skipping/stutterting as if dropping frames. Thanks.

Update to CoreELEC 19 as 9.2 become EOL and try again with a clean fresh install.

Ok. Thanks. I don’t see v19 as an option to update on the device…does that mean a fresh install instead of an update? Flashing the SD card and all that?

You can try to backup settings and restore them using CE settings but you will have headaches with old python gen2 add-ons. Better start from scratch, look for your favorite add-ons if they were ported to Matrix.

If you don’t want to lose your settings, download CE 19.2 Matrix RC3 and drop tar (or img.gz) in /storage/.update. Restart the device to update

Remember that all addons have to be upgraded to Matrix versions after CE upgrade.

If you don’t mind starting from scratch, then a fresh install is the recommended way to go.

Kind of wish I saw your post earlier about dropping the img file into the update folder. I ended up doing a fresh install of 19.2 and that fixed the problem. 25 fps videos play fine now with no stutter or skipping.

I will keep your handy tip for future reference because fresh installs (while always a good way to go) are a pain and time consuming with re-setting everything.

The majority of our end users are unaware that the img.gz can be dropped in the .update folder and will instead go for the tar file. The only difference is that the image takes longer to decompress before the update starts.

The profile issue is gone? I noticed that in K19 theres no working profiles, would glad to hear this is no more a thing :slight_smile:

There is a Kodi add-on I use (PseudoTV) that is still in Python 2 and therefore, I cannot use it with Kodi 19.x. (I’m aware of PseudoTV Live for Kodi 19.x but don’t like it.) My question is…Is there any siginificant improvements in HDR10, HDR10+ or anything else in Kodi 19.x “Matrix” or can I still play HDR10+ videos on my VIM3 Pro to a Samsung QN90A display with CoreELEC 9.2.8/Kodi 18.9?

tl;dr: what can Kodi 19.x do that Kodi 18.9 cannot?