A couple words of appreciation to the CoreELEC team

I recently have been using a media player from a company called zidoo that advertises itself as a Dolby Vision player. Yes, DV is cool, looks great. But these Android boxes are such a pain for daily use. Slow, slugish, each firmware version introduces new problems. I cannot take it anymore, so I have jumped over to N2 with CoreELEC. And I felt like home again. It is like a night and day difference. It is such a great media player. Thank you very much CoreELEC team!

I wish someday we will be able to use DV (or something which is called VS10 engine) with CoreELEC…


Full ACK!

I enjoy and appreciate your hard voluntary work each and every day. I too have a N2 and paired with CoreELEC it‘s plain awesome.

Glad you stepped up, @sojer2005. We tend to forget that these guys working there a**es off for free and in their spare time.

Thank you, CE team and I hope you continue your efforts!


Fully agree. I’ve been using CoreELEC since it first started. The team has focussed on value add features and flexibility to the end user which makes it very feature rich. The product functions across a wide diversity of device types in a high quality and consistent manner which is more than representative of that which a much larger organisation would produce.
If the mainline kernel ever reaches parity with base functionality, it would still require a CE overlay to attain the usability that we have today.

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