A supported Android device to boot an existing CE

As I finally managed to get my KM8 P TV Box to run CE 8.90.2 through a USB2 memory stick, I am thinking to acquire another KM8 P TV Box unit and duplicate the existing USB2 memory stick to boot CE 8.90.2 on the new unit sans going through the installation process. Will this work?

Did you make note of s912’s future ?

Apart from @kostaman’s wise tip, there’s really no need to post this question as, of course if you make an identical copy of the USB stick and put it into an identical box, it will behave identically (assuming no HW fault exists)

Yes and I saw your post above, Anyway, will an existing CE on USB2 memory stick boot on a newly acquire device, provided they are the same platform?


I once moved a HDD with LE for Intel from one computer to another and it booted first time without any issues.


This has 0 relevance to what the OP was asking.

@Habibie Duplicating the USB stick will work, but for the first boot you’ll have to boot into recovery mode for CE to start.

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The relevance is as an example of how LE/CE performs no configuration which ties it to a particular bit of hardware unlike almost all other OS’s.


I gather you meant to 1st boot the KM8 P TV box with its original Android OS. Then, plug the duplicated USB2 memory stick (which already contains a working CE 8.90.2) into one of the USB2 ports and go to its setting to boot into recovery mode.

I would use a cloning tool like Clonezilla to clone one usb stick to another.

In fact that is what I used to do, to create a working backup,& I just plugged it in, when I messed up one of the usb’s

R U saying CE does not modify the uboot environment and/or replace original uboot of the device when the device 1st boots into CE on a fresh installation? If this is the case, then any new KM8 P TV Box and/or supported Android TV Boxes should have no problem to boot CE with a working CE on a USB memory stick sans a need to go through installation process.

Multi-boot has to be enabled on the box to start with - and many boxes will not have multiboot enabled. Once it is then the SD card is totally independent of the box other than making certain that the correct dtb.img and base architecture is present.
Getting it to boot into the SD-card can be very specific to the particular box and I have no experience since Khadas VIM’s have Multiboot enabled as default on all recent Android builds.
The issue you are probably facing and will encounter on most boxes is getting multiboot to work, but this has nothing to do with the SD-card OS itself.


Just as you had to hold reset with your current box to get CE to boot for the first time, you’ll need to do it with the new one.

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How do you enable multiboot on a KM8 P Android TV Box? OTOH, I already have a KM8 P Android TV Box up running with CE 8.90.2 sans any problem. Does this mean a KM8 P Android TV Box has a support for multiboot? All I want is to be able to boot CE on any new KM8 P Android TV Box using an existing USB2 memory stick that already has a working CE. This way, I don’t have to go through all the processes to prepare a USB2 memory stick with the .img.gz file, instead just duplicating an existing and/or working CE on a USB2 memory stick to another USB2 memory stick (same brand/model/capacity) using the Linux dd utility and be done with it. If this works. I can also make several duplications for friends who owns a KM8 P Android TV Box to use CE.

OK and thank you. I will try this when I get a new KM8 P Android TV Box. Perhaps, I can test this with a friend’s KM8 P Android TV Box, too.

Last weekend, I went to visit a friend to promote CE to him. Unbeknown to us, his TV Box, KM8P 1/8 GB RAM/eMMC (same as mine), has a broken and/or missing reset button inside the AV port. So, we try to think how to perform a reboot with recovery and/or reboot with update by installing some 3rd party reboot apk. LOL and behold, all those apks gave an error message saying the device is NOT rooted and can NOT be rebooted with such an option. So, how do we proceed from here on? Should we install a rooting utility, i.e. framaroot, kingoroot, etc., to gain access to root and perform a reboot with recovery and/or reboot with update so that CE on a USB memory stick will boot from one of the USB ports? Any other options?

Please, watch this: https://youtu.be/w6pZwjvLEMk?t=462. From 08:41 (https://youtu.be/w6pZwjvLEMk?t=521) there will be a possible solution for you and it is to run command reboot update by terminal emulator