A2 Lite on Odroid N2+ only works when usb is plugged in after boot

Hi there!

I just got my shiny new odroid n2+ 4GB! :smile:
I also have the wifi remote Minix A2 Lite that many people say works fine… I love this package!
However, I noticed that when I boot up the box with the USB dongle, I get no HDMI video at all.
I have to first boot up the machine, and then plug in the USB dongle.
Any hints?

I got the same combo and having the dongle inserted never poses a problem.
Doesn’t seem normal, have you tried different ports?

I just picked one of the colored USB3 ports. The funny thing is that when I boot up with the dongle inserted, I can hear menu clicking sounds when I use the remote. Apparently the machine boots and responds to the remote. No HDMI signal what so ever though.

Here’s my dispinfo. http://ix.io/2NGA
One thing that strikes me is that the resolution is defaulting to such a low resolution on a new install when the processor takes 4kUHD. I haven’t changed any settings yet so it really is fresh. :upside_down_face:

Try a different USB port, preferably the farthest one from the HDMI output. Maybe there is some interference caused by the USB dongle, preventing the N2 from performing a proper handshake with your TV.

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I can test it later this week as I have a A2 remote here.

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