A95x f2 s905x2 no luck with CoreELEC

If someone succeeds to boot CoreELEC on the subject even with minor errors, please post the tips here.
For now it’s black screen after power on and that’s it. No matter which dtb used.
Libreelec test build runs quite fine when installed on sd.

I have an H96max 905x2 that seems to work.
Made this thread today after it powered up.
(H96 Max S905X2 working Coreelec)

Can you send me the link your Libeelec downloads etc please?

It’s just “test libreelec images” Google it.
Don’t think it’s appropriate to paste libreelec links here

Also ensure dtb has an img file (extension) (turn on details in windows file explorer under view at top.)
Sometimes when renamed they loose that and stay as dtb extension

Checked every time

Read this thread, it’s likely that your box has the same issue.

Hi, can you please confirm if this box works well with CE? Ethernet, WIFI, display etc. Thank you…


Not sure re your model but I have 2 of these working well.
I mainly use ethernet.

[H96 Max S905X2 working Coreelec

Thank you bazzle…
A95X F2 arrived, CE I installed, ethernet and vfd working, but remote control and wifi not working. Can someone please advise me what to do about it? Thanks

IIRC there is no driver/fw available for the wifi/bt chip in this box.

So that’s bad news. Is there any chance that a wifi/bt driver will be available in the future?
And is there any way the remote control works? Thank you.

There is always a chance, but there’s no way for us to tell for sure.
Yes, there are guides on the forum on how to setup the remote.

Try the one from 1st post here, looks similar to yours.
[H96 Max S905X2 working Coreelec

@bazzle thanks… but unfortunately it doesn’t work

These usb based ones work, at least I tried one on mine and an C2…

I have booted CoreELEC on my A95X F2 Android box through a USB flash drive but I can’t get the remote or Wifi working.

I plugged in a USB mouse to it, which works, tho. Now I gotta transfer some videos to test DTS HD MA and TRUE HD.

All my stuff is on HDD, so mabe remove it from the WIFI router and connect it directly to the A95X box since wifi isn’t working.

It’s a shame that most android boxes don’t have a working DTS HD or Dolby TRUE HD passthrough, money is gone waste for those hoping to get these.

Instead I should have bought a Sony X700 or X800 to do 4ks and DTS HD MA.

Pass thru works ok for me. (CE)
Denon AMP confirms on display.