A95x f3 supported? s905x3

Hello has anyone got any experience with this box? I am ordering the box and I am wondering if it will work.

Someone tested the box using the nightlies and reported ce working.

Neither WiFi or BT worked. It has the mt7668 chip. Should I be concerned?
An admin here did say that drivers do exist for this chip but they’re not yet included.

Edit: There is no way back now. The box is on its way from China and the delivery can’t be cancelled. Wish me luck.
I am happy to do any testing if it is required. Just let me know.

Yes, I read it too, and I wonder if there is, or could be a solution. Thanks

I messaged adamg about this but he hasn’t replied (yet?).
I am not sure why this thread is not getting any definite answers.

From what I gather there are no open source drivers for the chip. Are there at least some closed source drivers that can be used instead?

There is a repo on GitHub with drivers for this chip for android builds. Would those work on ce?

You messaged me about Mecool K7 not this device and I don’t know because I don’t own either of these devices and I guess nobody else does and that is why your not getting answers.

There is no way to use ‘closed source’ drivers.

If it doesn’t work then get a USB adapter or use ethernet.

The reason I asked you about the Mecool K7 is because it uses the same WiFi chip as the A95x f3 - MTK7668.
In that thread you said there was a driver available for that chip which has yet to be tested.

Is there any chance you could provide a link with that driver? I am not sure I can find it anywhere. I am happy to test it as soon as my box arrives.

one is available but it’s not been tested

I can test when you build that… :slight_smile:

Has anyone got the Wi-Fi driver for Mediatek MT7668 for OpenELEC?

I have a A95X F3 Air (V81 - Mediatek MT7668RSN WiFi / Bluetooth module) with Amlogic S905x3 chip and 2GB / 16GB Ram / Rom.

Successfully boot up the device with an SD card using the Nightly build 20200112

Everything looks okay for now but Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and remote are not working. Have ssh enabled and connected via Ethernet.

I am thinking to invest some time to compile the driver from source, any tips appreciated.

The only resources I found is this in github here but I am not sure if this is the right .c file
I can see the mt7668.c file includes mt7668.h and precomp.h which are also presented in the same repository. But are they for Android? To my very limited understanding, it should be platform independent - hence compile from source. Correct me if I am wrong.

Compile and Toolchains
I do need to set up a cross-compile environment - are there good tutorials out there for cross-compile from an x85 64 bit linux environment to the Amlogic S905x3 target system? Should the target system ARCH parameter be aarch64 or arm or arm64?

Is Linaro a good / the right toolchain to be used?

Deployment / Including to nightly build
If I get it all right and successfully get the WiFi / Bluetooth going, how can I contribute to the CoreELEC community?

New with CoreELEC, many thanks.

There is no open source driver for the MT7668, so you will need an external stick for WiFi or BT.

Is there an email or something so we can get in touch with Mediatek about the driver?
I mean… couldn’t they at least provide us with a pre-compiled driver for generic arm linux distributions?

Even if there was a precompiled driver then we would not use it, we only include drivers that we can compile as whenever we make changes to the kernel then precompiled drivers immediately become unusable.

Return your device and get one with a supported WiFi chip.

This will never happen - its not part of their license or business model.

This is why picking a random AMLogic box is a bad lottery with high chances of disappointment. Most of these wifi chips are niche to a few products and so there is little interest from the opens source community to develop drivers.
Ultimately this is why the only products officially supported are the Single Board Computers, so hassling the CE team for support will only get rebukes.