AAC audio problem

I’ve found a number of threads on this topic and read them, but i’m too thick to understand them. The problem i have seems fairly common: Kodi under coreELEC 9.2.8 seems only to output AAC 5.1 as 2 channel LPCM. That is what my Sony HT-RT5 AVR/Soundbar reports. Other codecs work fine.

Could anyone please explain in simple terms what i need to do to overcome the problem? I’d be most grateful.

On what box/device?
On my boxes I set in Settings/System/Audio:
Number of channels = 2
Allow passthrough, and set "Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) transcoding to ON
Then I get proper AAC 5.1 channels audio to my AV receiver.

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Hi - and thanks for replying. It’s a Minix U9-h. I’ve tried a lot of different settings, including those you’ve described, but AAC 5.1 refuses to work properly.

Edit - apologies. I tried those settings and they worked. I must have missed that particular combination in my earlier efforts. I blame the heat!

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