Accessing kodi folders using SSH

Hi, I have a BB2 Pro box, running CoreELEC version 9.0.3, I want to access kodi “addons and app_data” folders so I can add various folders/files, I have a modded kodi skin I want to add to the box and various plugins . I can SSH into the CoreELEC part of the box using winscp, but can’t find kodi files I want , I find a kodi folder in “usr/share/”, but it doesn’t contain any of the addons I have installed and the userdata folder doesn’t contain an app_data folder so I assume its some kind of root folder and not the one I want ?

update- skin installed using usb stick , will do same with plugins i think , just thought SSH would have been easier.

The kodi directory you want is in root/storage/ and is hidden by default, in WinSCP goto View->Preferences->Panels and tick the very top option Show hidden files. This can also be activated using (Ctrl + Alt + H), once done you should now see the .kodi directory.

Enter via ssh and install entware:
then install midnight commander:
opkg install mc
with mc command now you can run the midnight commander and you can access all files and folders, use exit to close mc

thanks very much.

cheers thankyou.

I would recommend SFTP Net Drive 2017

This will allow you to map your CoreELEC box to a Windows drive letter and access it using the standard Windows file explorer.

I use coreftp lite