Add docker-compose


Can you add docker-compose?

I use an Odroid N2 and Kodi works almost perfectly in CoreELEC.

I also want to run other software but Kodi is useless in Ubuntu.

With docker-compose loading other software would be much easier.
Not to mention maintenance would be easier.


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plus one on this, would be great

A workaround is to run docker-compose through a docker :slight_smile:

mkdir /storage/bin
curl -L --fail -o /storage/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /storage/bin/docker-compose
cp /etc/profile /storage/.profile
echo “export PATH=/storage/bin/:$PATH” >> /storage/.profile


you can install docker-compose via pip from entware

opkg install python3-pip

pip3 install docker-compose

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Fantastic! you have made the task of installing ‘streamlink’ in CoreELEC very very easy (command: pip3 install streamlink) and being able to prepare playlists for the ‘tvheadend’ server and expand the power of this server that until now was only capable of reading television sources . As of now, using ‘ffmpeg’ or ‘streamlink’, ‘tvheadend’ is already able to read anything (youtube, twitch, …).

streamlink good service yes. work better than ffmpeg in tvheadend

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