Add feature, ffmpeg as default

Hello, please validate feasibility of adding codec, ffmpeg installed as default.


No, because these boxes are not powerful enough to do software decoding for pretty much anything over 720P.
You can disable hardware decoding, and then it’ll use ffmpeg.

Hi, thanks for answer, sometimes it is just transcoding (e.g. piping to TVheadend). What I did most of time I did install extra.

Transcoding what? It’s still encoded in some type of video format, which needs to be decoded on the box for playback.
These are not CPUs with the performance level of a x86 CPU you have in your PC. A 720P H.264 video would probably be the most these boxes can do in software.

Either way, I don’t know what “extra” you want to install, but ffmpeg is there. If you want to try to use it, disable hardware decoding in the settings and see how it works.

If not considering transcoding to format your final TV box device can understand (simple mov file or any other), it could be the most easiest things like changing container from for instance mkv to mp4 / ts without decoding / encoding etc.

In my box and coreelec ffmpeg was not there by default, it has to be installed after so request was just to get it there as default…your point of view is different than mine, understand…

  1. It does not have to be installed. Disable hardware acceleration if you want to use it.
  2. Transcoding is irrelevant. The definition of transcoding is to change the video format from one encoding to a different one. The box still has to decode whatever format the video is in. It doesn’t have anything to do with containers.
    And as I already explained, the CPU in the box is not powerful enough to handle software decoding of most codecs at resolutions over 720P.