Add Wireguard support to Kernel

After all the hype around, I gave a try to Wireguard last weekend, and I must say, I’m also convinced. Man, this is really done so good. Easy to configure, so light on resources, and so fast. It would be really great to add Wireguard to kernel as it can solve so many things, so simple to use and really fast. Any chance that it is added to the Kernel? Is it complicated for some reason?

Would be nice, but I am not sure if thats would be possible considering “new kernel” vs “HTPC features”, which have (fortunatelly) higher priority in CE. But developers will get you proper answer, not me :slight_smile:

I like WG also, using it, but its accompanied by OpenVPN, for the older machines without WG support, and where TCP is needed for VPN.

Btw, in recent nightlies (and also in future releases) you should be able use OpenVPN as server out of the box on CE.

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Sure, it is a htpc kernel, agree completely.
But isn’t Wireguard already available to include in kernel, as it is in so many cases already? I don’t know much about this, but is it so hard or dangerous to merge the already available code to CE kernel? As I see, it is a matter of building of kernel with Wireguard included.
Sure, I don’t know what will be with a kernel like for Odroid C2?
OpenVPN is good news, but it is a big mess in every aspect compared to Wireguard. Sure, it is way more secure, audited, but with Wireguard it is so easy and fast to make a mesh network between remote locations.

I dont think its “quite mess”, at least from user point of view… For the server I am using just one simple ovpn file, and one iptables rule to allow access to other hosts on target network. And thats it.

I am using OpenVPN too. I wanted to say compared to Wireguard. So much faster and lighter on resources. And it is really easy to configure, deploy, use.

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