Adding a HDMI audio output


Is there a way to add a HDMI audio output? I was thinking to use a USB3 graphics card, just for the audio.
Is it possible ? What card do you suggest?



You want to use USB3 grafic card for Audio ?
Pls explain what You want to to.

If You want Audio from HDMI You can use a HDMI Audio splitter/extractor

I want to sent HD audio to my HC amplifier from a different HDMI than the default one (used for the video).

To be more explicit: first, Dolby/DTS streams are decoded by Kodi, so I have full control of the volume from Kodi. Second, I split the HDMI signal to send it on my video projector and on a simple monitor (used when I only watch news, or listen to music). But the audio does not work when using the splitter, so I would like to use a dedicated HDMI output to send the multi-channels PCM output to the HC amplifier.

It doesn’t work because your splitter is the limiting factor. You can get one that supports LPCM, and you’ll be fine.
But really, you should just bitstream DD/DTS to your AVR, then you probably won’t have to change the splitter.

Even with bitstream DD/DTS, it does not work.

Do you have a splitter to recommend? A 1x2 or maybe a 1x3, so I can use a dedicated output for each stuff…

Sorry, I can’t recommend any splitters, but I know that good ones exist. But good ones are probably not very cheap.

BTW, I tried to hookup the S/PDIF output (from J7 connector) of the N2 to my AV receiver, but it does not work. I activated the output in the System/Video menu, but my AV receiver does not see any signal.
Do I need to activate something else? Or have I fried the output? I never fried a GPIO on my Odroid/RPi boards, but maybe S/PDIF is more easy to damage?

Thanks for your help.

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