Addon game.libretro.vice -> lags and glitches


after now being able to play some old games on my amlogic box I figured, that Kodi, which is running the c64 vice emulator is saturating one of 4 cores in my amlogix S905w device. One can hear it during playback of games music and one can also see short glitches in display. Eventually ever 5-10 seconds for ~ 100 – 200 ms.

It can also be observed e.g. by running the deus ex machine demo available from here .

After some experiments I figured, that reducing the screen resolution of the display can reduce the cpu utilization to like 15 % overall … however the glitches an lags are still observable.

I can observe a similar behavior on my x86 Atom D525 box with 2x1.8 GHz …. However much less occurrences of lags … eventually every minute once …

Actually I have run the CPU benchmark addon on both systems and I can see better benchmark on the amlogic system … however I know that a python benchmark is not really representable

Does anyone experience the same issue ? Or has an Idea how to solve that ?

Next thing I will try is if I see the same on RPi3 …

Any comments appreciated ….

Best Regards

This is likely a limitation of the libretro core/emulator and not an issue with ce or kodi.


If you can try turning off auto save and rewind support in kodi settings/games. That might help.

Also try the core with retroarch to see if you get the same issue.

turning off rewind seittings did not help …

in the meanwhile, I have confirmed the same behavior with LE on raspberry PI, so seems like this is a general problem at least in LE, eventually of the core itself (in combination with low end devices) … next step will be to check the retropie distribution … and see if I can replicate there.

Update: Installed retropie on raspberry PI 3 and no glitches or lags are observable … so seems to be a problem with the kodi retroplayer implementation …

will check on my x86 platform under windows …