Addon status not set anymore


From version 8.90.1 and up there no longer a status visible for installed addons (to show that its installed). Also, when managing addons, there ‘s no way to tell whats installed from the list. Same goes for dependencies. I figure this must have been overlooked, i cant see this being intentionally changed.

I consider this a very minor bug, functionally there isnt any issue but nevertheless i thought i’d mention it.

Great work on 8.90.2 guys, its a great release!

Regards, Atreyu

Must be a new Kodi thing.

Yes, could very well be.
I will nag them :wink:


It’s very easy to forget that CoreELEC is an OS that just runs Kodi, if they make changes that break something it’s out of our hands and we don’t notice it until we get the blame for their mistakes.

Don’t forget as well this is still Alpha and it is always changing, once the final is released bugs like this will never appear from release to release.

Not blaming anyone :slight_smile:
I submitted a request over at, they may fix it in a future release…

They usually do break things from 1 month to the next in Alphas and it happened most recently with IR, hopefully troublesome changes will slow down the closer to betas or final we get.

You can still go to Settings->Addons->My Addons->All which lists everything that’s installed.

If anyone is interested, scott967 (team kodi) shares his thoughts on this:

Merged, fixed in latest nightly :wink: