Addon updates disappeared from coreelec add-ons repo

Since 8.90.5 I don’t see the latest addon versions anymore available from the coreelec add-on repo.

TVHeadend 4.2 I’m on 9.0.116 but latest in repo is 9.0.115
aml-vnc I’m on 9.0.4 but latest in repo is 9.0.3

Anyone knows why?

Yes the version numbers where changed to keep our repository in sync with LE as it was causing issues with merging the latest LE changes, install the ones in the repo that appear older, they are infact the latest versions, ignore the numbering.

Thanks! Does kodi look for the version number or some other marker? Let’s say TVH would be updated to 9.0.115b. I have installed 9.0.116, would it update automatically? I don’t have access to my parents box except for vnc. Updating all the addons via vnc would be a pain.

No it won’t. You need to manually install the repo version (through add-on information window - update) and then delete the .116 cached package (.kodi/addons/packages)

So it depends on the version number?

Yes, of course. If you have already installed an add-on with v# higher than the one on the repo, it won’t auto-update to that until it reaches a v# higher than the one of your installation.

Yes @host505 is correct.

It’s my mistake so apologies, there is no update in either package anyway so I wouldn’t worry too much about it, version numbers don’t mean much where the addons are concerned, its mainly just the binary addons that receive updates, pvr., inputstream. etc…

@anon88919003 don’t say sorry. All fine, it is a very minor problem which can happen. My questions where just for me to understand how the addon update mechanism works in general.

Thanks for you great work, I really appreciate it.