Advice on buffering problem and device upgrade

I’m running CoreELEC on a W95 (S905W) box and it works good overall.
It’s a dedicated Tvheadend backend and I don’t use it for anything else. However, I sometimes have buffering problems when watching live TV or recordings. I suspect it is because I’m “overloading” the box with Comskip processing and simultaneous multiple recordings while viewing a recording or live TV. During testing I have observed that the more recordings I’m making the more likely I have buffering problems.

I use a HD Homerun Quatro tuner and have a USB 3.0 hard drive connected directly to the box for the recordings.
I use a Shield TV box and Fire TV 4k stick to watch the live TV/recordings in Kodi.
The Shield TV, W95 CoreELEC box, and HD Homerun Quatro are connected directly to my router’s 1000M ethernet ports. The Fire TV is WiFi.

I’m thinking of replacing the 100M S905W box with a 1000M S905X3 but I want to make sure I’m doing something that will solve my buffering problems.

Along those lines, any input on a SZBOX TOX1? It seems to met the criteria and I like the ventilation holes on the box.

I’m also looking at the X96 Max Plus (4/32 version). Seems several people have had success running CoreELEC on this box but tends to run hot. And is there any way to make sure you’re getting a “good” box?

I’m also considering an Ugoos X3 Cube. It is significantly more money for higher quality but less memory/storage.

The Ugoos X3 Cube should be fine for CoreELEC, but you could also go for the X3 Pro if you wanted more Storage & RAM for not much more cost. I use an Ugoos X2 Pro and it runs CoreELEC very well.

Thanks for the input.

I guess my question is, since the Ugoos X3 Cube costs about 50% more than the 4/32 X96 Max Plus, is it worth it for a Tvheadend server?

If I’m using a box as a dedicated Tvheadend server, is there any advantage of a 4/32 configuration over a 2/16 version?

No advantage for using it as a server or anything else using CoreELEC.

CoreELEC barely uses 30% of 2GB hardware i own.

Ethernet speed / eMMC speed and maybe Ram DDR4 (as opposed to DDR3)
are more relevant to performance than under utilized amount of Ram.

Thanks, this helps. I’m starting to lean towards the Ugoos X3 Cube even though it is more money.

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