Advice on upgrading from LibreELEC to CoreELEC

I’m currently running LibreELEC on a W95 S905W box booting from a 4GB micro SD card.
It’s working pretty good overall with a few minor issues. It’s connected to a 1080P Visio TV in my bedroom. I mainly use it as an OTA PVR connected to my Tvheadend server in another room (ehternet).
The main reason I’m considering upgrading is for some reason the skip forward/back is stuck on 10 minute intervals. Kodi is ignoring the playback skip settings. I’ve tried various things in Kemap Editor to no avail.
I can’t remember if it ever worked correctly but my next step would be to reinstall the OS so this may be a good time to upgrade. But it has been years since I’ve done this and don’t remember the details on how to install the OS (other than it took a while to get everything working good).
Does anyone have CoreELEC running good on a W95 S905W box? Which file should I use?
What’s the easiest way to do this? My understanding is I should perform a backup, copy the backup file to a safe place, write the image file to the SD card, copy the backup file back over, and then restore from backup once I’ve got the system running again.
I’m assuming I can make a backup copy of my current SD card that I can copy it back over to the SD card if things are refusing to cooperate, correct?
Any advice?

You might want to invest in a newer SD Card.

Download the Generic S905 image
Burn it using your preferred tool on your PC whatever.
The important part you need to know is the Ram version of your box to determine which device tree to use AFTER you burn the CE image.
After you burn the image you will find a folder named Device Trees.
Open it on you PC and copy the correct one for your hardware.
Paste it in the Root of the SD Card.
Rename it to dtb.img
1GB Ram gxl_p281_1g
2GB Ram gxl_p281_2g
Insert Sd card and use toothpick recovery method.
Fresh install of CE is highly recommended.
A backup of LE is prone to causing issues.

As kostaman said don’t use a LE backup with a CE install as it’s not compatible as I found out to my detriment. Nightmare!!! I don’t even think the ‘Backup’ addon works correctly, from LE to CE, as my box just didn’t install the backup but if it’s just thumbnails and library probably safe to try.
Good luck.

So what is the easiest way to transfer my Kodi network settings, etc settings? Is there anything better than writing them down or taking pictures of the screens?

Network settings are very easy
Option 1 -> use DHCP -> nothing to configure
Option 2 -> use static IP -> configure IP, subnet and gateway manually
Ne need to restore from any backup.

Some other settings are stored in some files
You can backup this files and restore after fresh install

Best way to get a stable installation -> fresh installing addons, skins etc.

Thanks everyone for your help!

The good news is I got CoreELEC up and running on my W95 box. I actually had a 32GB Micro-SD card and my box has 2GB RAM.

The bad news is I still have the same problem with skip forward/back only skipping in 10 minute increments during playback of OTA recordings. When I first got CE running the remote didn’t work at all. I had a backup copy of my remote.conf file and put it in the Configfiles folder. That got my remote working as before.

My arrow keys work as expected during navigation but my left/right keys work like the up/down keys during playback. If I hit the OK button during playback and then use the arrow up to select the playback status line then the left button skips back 10s and the right button skips forward 30s.

What do I need to do to get the left arrow button to skip back 10s and the right arrow button to skip forward 30s without bringing up the playback menu?


I didn’t see one for a W95 box. Is there a different name I should looking for?

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It’s under B for BeeLink W95.

Thanks everyone for your help. I won’t go into the gory details but I have the remote working correctly.

I have a question regarding the Keymap Editor in Kodi.
I’d like to assign an action to some remote buttons to bring up the TV guide and Recordings menu during playback.
Are there options for that in Keymap Editor? I couldn’t find them.

Edit: Never mind, I found the options under Windows.

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