After buying the wrong box, looking for recommendations

I had bought a X96 Max Plus Ultra only to find out that there is no driver for its Bluetooth. My setup requires Bluetooth, so I tried running Kodi on Android on this box, but whether I stream or watch a local video about 10 minutes into it Kodi just exits. Nothing suspicious in the log.

Anyway, my old Minix Neo U1 running CE needs replacing. Of the current hardware, what is the best setup with CE? I mean where everything is supported and that will likely be supported for a long time? Oh, and that’s readily available. I prefer having a single device and not having to add dongles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Would like 4GB RAM, eMMC does not matter that much since a plan to install to USB. Good Wi-Fi and good Bluetooth connectivity are important to me. With my recent experience, I’d say price is not that important: if I consider the time I’ve already spent on this cheap device X96… well then it’s no longer cheap.

So, please let me hear your recommendations. Thanks!


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