After installation to nand only boot from sd is working

Hello experts,

I would need a small help from you :slight_smile:
I have Mecool KM8. After they have released last OTA update (20190226) my box did not start anymore.
As I was not able to find/flash stock rom I have install coreelec to SD card.
This works fine, but I was not able to turn off the box.
It was only restarting over and over again.

Therefore I have try to install coreelec to nand (to solve previous), with command “installtointernall”.

Run was successful, but while booting without sd card there is only endless black screen.
Is there something more that I should do or I have destroyed the box completely ?

Thnks for any reasonable reply

Repeat the installtointernal process a second time.

If that fails . You’re stuck with CE SD Card .

Until Videostrong fixes their bad update with new firmware.

actually I have run it twice, but result was the same
The strange thing is that it doesn’t failed, it was successful every time.

I was able to solve this by flashing back the ROM via amlogic burning tool