All update notifications are off, But i'm alerted about 9.2.1?

I have all update notification turned off, yet I’m still alerted for the 9.2.1 update?
Settings in CoreElec App:

  • Manual
  • off
  • off
  • off

You guys do great work, but I just don’t have the time to join along for every 0.0.1 update. how do i disable update notifications?

Update notifications that can’t be turned off seem to be a touchy subject here.
I can only suggest doing a custom build of CE rather than using an official one.

This was forced by intention:

Block or add to your hosts file.

Our developers here spend a lot more time than the couple of minutes it would take you to upgrade to create these releases.

Our stable releases are roughly every 2 months, not every week, it won’t kill you to use the few minutes you used to create the 2 posts that you have to complain to update instead.