Amazon fire remote on s905x with NG build

I can’t get my amazon fire remote to pair on my s905x box using the NG build. It says input output error when trying to connect to the remote.

I’ve found that pairing it from the bluetooth section of the CoreELEC add-on can be hit and miss, try it from an ssh session as follows.



Make sure the version is 5.50 or higher

scan on

Put the Amazon remote into pairing mode by holding Home and Select until the orange light flashes in the top right corner of the remote. Look for the address of your Amazon remote it will be labeled as AR, if it’s not there type devices and press return and it should pop up.

Then do the following command replacing with your remotes address from above (bluetoothctl supports tab completion so you can type the first few characters of the address and then press tab to auto complete). After issuing each command wait for a response, don’t just go mad and type everything as fast as you can :smiley:

pair <address>
trust <address>
connect <address>

Now check if the remote works in kodi, if it doesn’t then do the following:-

disconnect <address>

Put the remote back in to pairing mode by holding Home and Select, then:-

connect <address>

Now it should work, then do:

scan off

Thankyou for the detailed help. Unfortunately it didn’t want to connect. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting several times.
Its a old amazon remote from a first gen fire stick. It pairs fine with libreelec on a PC. Wonder if Bluetooth drivers are at fault.
Do you have any other ideas?

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