Ambilight / Hyperion on lePotato directly via SPI


I‘m a little bit confused and hope you can help me. At the moment I’m using a RPi 4 with LE with the following ambilight setup:

  • WS2801 strips directly connected to the board via SPI
  • Hyperion as a grabber

I’d like to use my LePotato though but I couldn’t figure out if it’s possible with my ambilight needs… I don’t want to program an extra Arduino.

So here are my questions:

  • Can the SPI Interface be enabled on the LePotato so it can communicate with the WS2801 directly? If yes: how? (Similar to dtparam-spi-enable on RPi)
  • Is it then possible to use and configure it to use the SPI?

Does anyone have a similar setup or can provide some help?

Thanks a lot for your work! :slight_smile:

You can search on Le Potato forums like this: