Amlogic-ng on S905x, S912 also?

One of my boxes is an S912 but I do not expect to see an NG build and realistically think that it is not worth the effort.

Kodi 19 coming along gives even more reason not to think about the S912 and other older boxes.

And we owners should remember that the boxes will not suddenly become extinct overnight and will happily chug along for quite a while yet.

So whilst some devs may potentially feel a little pressure to maintain backwards compatibility, I would say spend your valuable time on supporting the current and new tech to come along.

Buy the time that the next iteration of SOC’s comes along in the coming months, even the likes of the S905X2 will start to look long in the tooth but because they are are already at the NG level, will survive for longer and become available for song as many move to the next level of tech.

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Depends on what you mean by kind of working. GXM kind of works better with ng builds(If you don’t want a GUI) then the GXL stuff does. However there is one massive show stopper that puts an end to everything GXM related in the ng builds. It’s the same issue that has doomed GXM from day one, the fact that there is no drivers for the GPU.

Using libhybris the way it was done, while impressive in some respects, was a fragile super hack from day one. It doesn’t work with the new kernel, it barely worked with the old one.

Attempts at getting this hack or a similar one to work on the NG build, have been limited by lack of documentation, lack of interest from other developers, lack of interest from vendors that provide S912 based hardware to assist in anyway.

So in short GXM won’t be seen in the NG builds. GXM devices do work in the existing amlogic builds with the 3.14 kernel, and will continue to work there.

As for support for GXM devices and other devices using the amlogic builds with the 3.14 kernel, in CoreELEC 10.0 with kodi 19 Matrix. First, these new versions are still a long way off.(For kodi going from alpha 1 to final release has often taken up to a year in the past) Second, your existing setup will continue to work before and after they are released. Will there be amlogic builds with the 3.14 kernel for CoreELEC 10.0 with kodi 19 ? That is entirely up to the interest level of the other developers if this happens. Will there be other options for GXM devices to get Kodi matrix, in short yes.


Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated.

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