Amlogic Open Source Video Decoder Driver Coming Soon for S905, S905X and S912 Processors


Here’s the latest news on this topic.

  1. LibreELEC has done some testing with the Lima driver, and apparently very good progress has been made on the S905X SoC! and
  2. Panfrost has seen major advancement! Check out Alyssa’s blog and the talk they (Alyssa + Lyude) gave recently on the topic. and
  3. Last but not least, Neil Armstrong recently posted a video of a Mail T820 running kmscube.

All-in-all, seems like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for these SoC’s, along with linux mainline and Kodi support (fingers crossed).

And a massive thank you to all people working on this! (CoreELEC, LibreELEC, Alyssa, Lyude, Neil, Lima team, etc.)!


And a new one, fresh out of the oven! :slight_smile:


Hi guys. A CE and Amlogic noob here, sorry for the rookie concerns. After decades of building my own expenive HTPCs I recently bought the excellent Minix U9-H box, which outperforms anything I have had before. Performance is so good that I considered buying another one.

But, after reading some more threads and posts about this matter I was discouraged, a bit. In another thread, there were no doubt that most Amlogic platform will lose the Kodi Support from Kodi19. That would be a shame of course, eventhough I, to some extent, understand why.

It appears that this thread shed some new light on this topic? Posts from last summer makes me a bit confused what this really means, but later posts insinuates that this might not be the end of the road for for instance S912 and Kodi19 and onwards? Is this a correct conclusion from my side? If someone more with more technical knowledge can confirm this or tell me in plain english what the resent discoveries means in practice, I would be very grateful.

I do understand that the switch to a new kernel is not made quickly, and it will take time to have it in place.


quote @chewitt : S912 has a bright future. See YouTube for evidence. Panfrost still has some serious bugs to solve before we can think about public testing, but considering the infancy of panfrost code it’s in good shape. The lead panfrost developers have publicly stated good Kodi support is one of their goals !


Thanks Dan. Google Translate told me that there is hope, but we need to wait and see! Maybe a more cheap S905X box is the weapon of choice before we know more. Thanks


In the last S912 images of @balbes150, used by the kernel 4.20 with panfrost

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Great news!


Initial Panfrost Mesa driver patch submitted for review.

This patchset contains the initial changes for upstreaming the driver… As for shaders, the complete Midgard toolchain is included (assembler, disassembler, compiler), which provides immediate utility via the standalone interface…Panfrost is not ready for general use yet; please do not misinterpret this upstreaming as anything more than what’s necessary to ease rebasing. These patches do not include the actual command stream driver

There’s still a long way to go but that signals great progress.

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If you feel unable to contribute code to the Panfrost driver, you can always help out Alyssa Rosenzweig financially. Alyssa is the main driving force behind the Panfrost GPU driver.

When Panfrost is released it will go a long way to realizing the real potential of these Amlogic chips.


An initial Panfrost Linux kernel DRM driver has been submitted for review:

Both the Mesa and kernel drivers still require a lot of work but this is a significant step.


Good work here too for Panfrost :


Besides Panfrost project, there is also progress for Lima project (Mali450 of S905):
According to this, the developer even works on support for Linux 5.0 kernel (!)


Still no HDR and so a large proportion of our users will not want to use this.