Amlogic S905X3, S905Y3, S905D3 thread

Glad to hear that. I think thats wise as I can confirm, that C2 on 3.14 is rock solid with HTPC features working 100%. And backporting SW to older HW could be dodgy sometimes. (not saying I am against one code for all devices, but understand possible pain with that one).

Crossfinger with the new kernel development, it looks very promising even with less effort needed for maintanance, but I now that real life is usual complicated than initial thoughts. Wish the best to the future work guys!

So, for now there’s no coreElec build witch works with S905X3, right?

Hello dev. Can test coreelec for 905x3 no problem. All work is great. Thanks

There is, but only for Khadas VIM3L at this time.

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Where link? Thank

Please read my previous post properly.

Can any S905X3 owner here confirm that netflix run smoothly in 1080p mode?

Hello there Guys.

Despite I ordered an “MAGICSEE N5 Max 4K Android9.0 TV Box Amlogic S905X2 Dual WiFi 2+16G BT USB3 HDMI” I got a magicsee N5MAX S905X3 2+32G device (for the same price :D…). I have chosen this because I want to run coreelec. Sending back and waiting for the right one takes quite a long time - should I wait for X3 support for this or better send it back?


I just received mine - VONTAIR X96 Air - 2G/16G version, offering to be a beta-tester :wink: CoreElec rulez!

Thanks for all the effort put into CE developement.

Kind regards


Might be trying to get rid of them .

I have an N5 Max and it does work at 1GBit the QC is not brilliant but after I changed the HDMI cable and swapped PSU it worked fine been using for a couple of months and it ok Wifi worked but I use on 1GB ethernet.
I suspect if the SOCs are very similar in price then they will just produce the X3 variant, why produce an X2 and X3 if there is only a $ Difference.

Thanks :frowning:

Exactly I cannot at least try it with coreelec - there is no 4+32GB image for it.

You won’t have to wait much longer, few more days :wink:

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YEEEEEAH :smiley:

thanks! I will not send the device back then :smiley:

That version dont have gigabit lan

  • There are 3 Options for X96Air:

    A: 2GB+16GB+2.4G Wifi+100M

    B: 4GB+32GB+2.4G&5GHz Dual Wifi+BT4.1+1000M

    C: 4GB+64GB+2.4G&5GHz Dual Wifi+BT4.1+1000M

There will be some recommend S905X3 box?

Khadas VIM3L.

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Good news then. Before the end of the year? Thank you

Only that? No “china_banggod_aliexpress” ?

Yes. The only recommendation for other S905X3 “china_banggod_aliexpress” boxes are to avoid them, at least if you want to use CoreELEC