Amlogic Super Scaler - works for me!

No need. Sometimes the difference is non-existent. I would guess that the larger the TV screen, the more effect it may have. The differences are usually seen in long distance shots. I have found that scenes containing lots of greenery, like forests for example, can show more apparent detail.

As I said, leaving it on does no harm. Oops, just realized there is a typo in the command I gave you. It should be echo 1 > /sys/module/amvideo/parameters/super_scaler. I left out the “>”. That would explain why you are seeing no change :man_facepalming:

PS. With SSH, use the “cat” command to verify and the value returned should be “Y”. So:-

cat /sys/module/amvideo/parameters/super_scaler

I still think the effects are so minor they are difficult to distinguish. You’re kinda making it out like it’s this revolutionary change. Even the images above are basically the same when tested. It’s marginal if anything. I’d be happy with it enabled or disabled, it’s so minor.

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I think, the disadvantage of SuperScaler is too much noise reduction.
Please see this compare with an old movie:

It’s definitely not my intention to make it out as some kind of revolutionary change. I said myself, sometimes the differences are non-existent. However, I can see a “slight” difference on certain types of scenes. To me, the differences are noticeable but slight, not revolutionary.

It’s something to try, and can easily be disabled - ymmv. If it came across that the change is revolutionary, then I must apologize - it is not.

I feel that if amlogic have a “superscaler”, then why not try it out. Also, it’s relatively easy to enable/disable.

There is a particular scene in the opening episode of the TV show “Cursed” at about 2m 15s in and it was that scene where I noticed the difference. There was nothing wrong with the original image, but having the superscaler turned on gave those few seconds extra pop when watching from several feet away.

Given a choice, I would prefer a slightly sharper image and not worry so much about noise reduction.

Since most (if not all) videos made in the past decade are digitally shot, they have much less grain at source than the older films. I just prefer the cleaner image. I appreciate many people prefer the grain and that’s absolutely fine. All these extra settings can easily be disabled to preserve the original look of the film - I just like a bit extra sharpening.

My choice would be to go for a little bit more sharpness, as it just gives the image a little extra pop when you are sitting several feet away. If I were to watch from 1 foot away, I would not like the sharpening effects so much. Viewing distance, screen size, the quality of your own eyesight and your personal preferences for grain vs no grain all come into play.

I admit that sometimes I am guilty of wanting an over-sharpened picture, and that can look pretty ugly. Still, the ability to quickly toggle on/off a feature gives you the chance to compare.

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