An update is available, would you like to update now?

That is the default behavior of nightlies. There have been long discussions about this in the past, you’re welcome to look them up.

haven’t found, have found just this thread

I think it was in one of the nightly threads.

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is it this post?

You just linked to the thread, there are over a thousand posts in it.

the first post says “not possible to automatically update to the newest version. You also won’t see any update notifications.”

would be enough for me

First post was made more than a year ago, it probably needs to be updated.

found 2 questions about that but not an answer :frowning:

Sorry, I’m not going to open this discussion again in here.
A decision was made, in short, to make sure that everyone who uses nightlies is always using the latest build available.

I know the decision has been made, many decisions have been made wrongly in the world. I’ll never send you a log from an old nightly. You just don’t give us a way to be happy because of a wrong reason for those where only nightlies work properly but notifications are extremely annoying :slight_smile: Ok, just a hint … is possible to easily block any ip in CE and what ip or address?

Should be possible with the right equipment (router, etc.)

this I know, so won’t I break any another functionality of CE if I do it?

I never tried it, but I don’t see what it could break.

not even addons’ updates? thx

I don’t see what the big deal is. The nightlies work well and seldom break things. The team made a decision a while back, and carrying on won’t change it.

It’s free software, deal with the “minor inconvenience” of a reboot most days or deal with lack of Bluetooth. Eventually a stable will be released and it’ll all work out for you.

In the meantime, don’t question the decisions of the team, it’s their work and their rules.

Why do you write such the obvious and clear things? I’m just asking now if the proposed solution doesn’t break add-ons’ update :slight_smile:

Should we expect something like 9.2.1?

Or do we just wait a while for 9.3? I jumped onto a nightly for multi channel LPCM,
but would prefer to be on a stable build.

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Eventually there will be a 9.2.1 that will be enabled for auto up. The developers just want to sort out a few remaining issues first. Which has been slow because some of the developers have had holidays, and real life stuff impacting their available time to do so in the past month.

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Sounds great, I wasn’t sure if those just happened every now and then. Thanks team for all that you do!

So I keep you my fingers crossed (still not possible to donate while I know why you havent organised that :slight_smile:), look forward to that needed version :slight_smile: