Android and coreelec

good evening first forgive my english use google translator.

I bought Odroid n2 because for kodi I think it is the best according to what I have been reading.
In order to get more performance out of the computer, I would be interested in installing various operating systems, primarily Android and Kodi.
I would like to know how to carry out this operation.
Also that it would be better A ssd, sd, emmc to do these operations.
And a single request that I do not have clear to install coreelec I only have to save the image on a sd with rufus, the dbt would already be included if not, I cannot find the download address.

thanks for everything and greetings

This is the CoreELEC forum, so we can only help you with it and not other OS.
Yes, burn the N2 image file to a SD card, insert it into your N2 and start it.
eMMC will probably be the fastest and most reliable option for storage.

hello good afternoon, thanks for your quick response.
Perfect I already have the sd prepared because at the end I found another website where the n2 came faster, later I will request the emmc and the recorder of this.
Anyway, thank you very much for the work that is enormous and I hope I have not made a mistake on the plate and can take the maximum advantage to reproduce anything.

thanks and greetings

eMMC reader is nice to have, but not necessary. You can boot CE from SD, and then install it into the eMMC.

Hello good afternoon, I just received this morning my odroid plate and I want to thank the enormous work behind Coreelec that people like me that our programming level is null and we really do not get an idea of the hours that are behind this system.

That said, it has been to put the sd and the system to boot I have not touched anything of the configuration referring to a 4k tv but I think that there is no need to swim since I have put a 4k movie and I have changed the resolution alone.
Only my Samsung tv remote has also worked for me.
Anyway, as I mentioned before Thank you. I will continue here for a lot of reading and asking since I am very new and clumsy.

Great Plate also Odroid N2.

Grace and I hope you are all well with forty.

I greet from Seville.