Android box h96 pro plus does not work on the remote control

The emergency image must be recreated. I have disabled the journaling of the EXT4 partition, which seems to cause problems. I have not had time to do this until now.

If you find a moment of time then give a normal picture of img with zip. I prefer to wait because I do not want to break the box.

U-BOOT updated you do not need a rescue disk. For me it looked like this I logged on ssh LE I deleted the boot box did not hang then I copied on your u-boot pendriva connected to the box by the file manager I copied to the flash folder and ssh gave another commands and reset .Everything ok. Thank you for the time devoted to me.

I do not believe that. :slight_smile:

Partition boot != Partition bootloader
boot = Kernel Partition (Size = 32MB)
Can you still boot from your Android system?

But it’s nice that it worked.

Yes, the Android is running normally, I also checked if it works with the remote control, and waking up is all the way. I was surprised myself, but it went very easily. I now activate coreelec from the remote control. Regards

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This issue affects all Kodi-based operating systems, CE is no exception. But a little warning would be enough for us not to have to postpone the questions and answers.


There is no need to postpone any questions or answers within a particular topic.
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