Another new S922x Box with a twist

A95X MAX PLUS, which seems to come with 2 remotes, one looking like a gimmick in the form of a Wii style controller for motion adaptive games.

Not cheap either.

Not bad, unusual look…

I hope the reason for the unusual design is support for powerful passive cooling.

Hi there!
I find the box pretty interesting, as it seems to have space inside for a SATA HDD/SSD and comes with a BT gamepad and 2 remotes. Nice setup for retro gaming.

Does anyone own one of those and has tested coreelec?

I want to replace my S905X box for a S922X with 4GB ram.
Unfortunately, the N2 is not really available in Germany for a good price anymore…

For running CE only this is enough:
I’m using the N2 2GB-version since months with 2 external USB3 drives without problems.

Looks like they’re trying to give the Nvidia Shield a run for their money, but as far as CoreElec goes there’s far cheaper S922 boxes available.

147 Euro from EU warehouse is not cheap of course, but it comes with aluminium case, 2 wifi antennas, power plug, 64gb emmc etc.

N2 4GB costs 111 Euro right now (here) and that is without case, emmc, wifi, BT, etc.

I’m really curious, if someone got coreelec running on it.

If you buy it then let us know and if it doesn’t work then we will help you make it work. :wink:

I’ll take your word :sweat_smile:

Someone has to be the first, I guess. Found out the coupon “elec” gives 10 percent off at banggood (-16 USD) - that must be sign.

Order placed :+1:

That code still makes the device very expensive in comparison to the competition, I just hope you get a revision B chip for that price.

That’s VIM3 Pro (Samsung eMMC) Money.
Includes buying the new VIM3 Brushed Aluminium Case.
It’s the fastest least problems CE Hardware to this day.
No idea why you would pay that for a bin parts no known manufacturer hardware.
You’re not the first one with this thing on our forum either.