Another remote.conf thread, sorry

Hi guys!
I desperately need your support. I am sitting on a MINIX U9-H and I am trying to get my Logitech Harmony Hub working with it. There are a lot of options to get a remote working with Coreelec, but I seem to get stuck somewhere in between. I have read (to many?) threads about this.

I have not tried the “config less” variant, using meson-ir as my box is not supported, just a few, like Tanix Khadas etc.
Question 1. In Harmony SW, can I set up my box like a Tanix instead, and the built in IR protocol in CE will solve the rest?

I managed to find a remote.conf for MINIX U9-H at the MINIX forum, and moved it to storage/configfiles/. but that didn’t di it either. Yes, I rebooted the box also.
Question 2. In some places, I see the config file names as remote.conf, but in other threads I see rc_keymap.conf (or something similiar). Did I do wrong?

I also tried to just remove the conf-file and set up the box as a Microsoft Windows Media Center in Harmony SW. That does not work either.

So, I would just like to add support for basic functionality. Play, OK, Stop and UI navigation (up, down, right, left) and stuff like that. What is my weapon of choice and the best solution for me?

Thanks in advance for reading, and hopefully posting!

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With a hub based Harmony remote, I would strongly recommend a Bluetooth configuration.
Just search for “Home Entertainment > Microsoft > Kodi” and after pairing with CoreELEC, it should work out of the box.

Yeah, that is a good suggestion. But the Hub tries to wake my MINIX with what I assume is IR, because nothing happens. I thought maybe it would start with bluetooth

Yeah, use Bluetooth. I use it also with my minix U9-h and it’s really snappy compared to IR.
Just as relkai said: Microsoft > kodi

After that, go to the device and edit it. Choose “fix command”.
Choose the “power off” & “power on” and learn your hub the IR from the original remote.
Your box will then startup and shutdown with the harmony.

Hell yes, it works perfectly. I had to disconnect my Logitech Keyboard, strangely. It seemed to block the BT connection attempts from my Harmony Hub though.

Nice! Thanks guys

Please post in the correct subcategory in the future.

Sorry @anon88919003. I will be more careful next time. My thought was that this may have been a HW specific question, as is a remote.conf for MINIX U9-H!