Are gpio-ir kernel modules/drivers compiled into the CE (ng) kernel?

Are the kernel modules gpio-ir-recv, gpio-ir-tx, pwm-ir-tx available in CE (ng)? Modinfo tells me gpio-ir-tx and pwm-ir-tx are not found. Would it be possible to add them? Or if I build CE myself how do I make sure these drivers are included?

On LibreELEC these modules can be enabled and configured for the Raspberry Pi’s through device tree overlays. However I came to understand that device tree overlays don’t work with Amlogic chipsets yet. Would it perhaps be possible to make separate device tree’s (dtb images) for Khadas and Odroid devices (and others with GPIO headers) for those who would like to use an IR transmitter connected to the GPIO header?

I realize most devices running CE will have IR receivers built in (meson-ir driver I think?), but they usually don’t have IR transmitters/blasters. And for automation this would be very useful. Premade IR transmitter boards are available very cheap. And ir-ctl seems very easy to use, way easier than LIRC and more robust too.