Aspnetcore for non ng builds

Hi Folks,

is it possible to install the version of aspnetcore that it on Matrix ng builds in to the older non ng builds, and if yes, how would i do it?

i want to install nextpvr direct, without using docker to save the overhead, and put one of my old s912 boxes to good use. i was able to do this without issue on the Matrix CE image, but on the non ng nextpvr fails to start due to missing aspnetcore.

i looked at using armbinan but decided i want to also keep kodi, so i can continue to fill my media folders using artwork beef in an automated way, rebooting nightly by cron, with library set to update on start, so CE potentially would be perfect for this…


I have no idea about aspnetcore but:

Use the addon Watchdog. It does refresh the library on the fly, no need to reboot the box to perform a new scan.

Thanks i will check it out,

do you know if after a library update by watchdog, artwork beef is initiated to to a full run in the same way it does after a normal library update?

no idea, you need to contact the addon author. I use only TMDB

OK Thanks…i will test it out and see what it get :slight_smile:

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