Audio setting sanity check

Happy new year everyone!

I’d like to confirm my settings for audio and make sure I understand how to get the best quality from my hardware.

Odroid N2+
Onkyo TX-NR5010 (5.1 speaker setup and only ARC rather than eARC)

The Onkyo does not have 4k / HDR but can decode HD audio formats (DTS-MA, TrueHD) so the Odroid is plugged directly in to the TV and I’m using ARC back to the receiver. The LGCX frustratingly does not even passthrough any DTS signal but will other HD audio formats. Quite a few movies I own have DTS based audio.

I believe I have passthrough for TrueHD and DD set fine. Due to using ARC and not eARC when I play a TrueHD track it shows on the Onkyo as DD+ (which I believe is correct behavior…).

When I want to play a movie with DTS, if the Settings / System / Audio / Number of channels is set to 5.1 (same as my Onkyo configuration) I don’t get any sound. If it’s set to 2.0, I do get sound and it shows up as Dolby Digital. I seem to get sound from the rear speakers but I’m not sure if it’s the Onkyo converting 2.0 sound to 5.1 or if I’m truly getting 5.1 despite the Number of channels being 2.0.

Can anyone shed some light on this and what the correct settings would be?

The best answer would be a receiver upgrade, but that won’t happen for a while!


Get an HDMI splitter that way you can do full audio passthrough to the receiver and still get 4k60 HDR etc on the TV.

As much as I’d love to do that, it would take running another ~12’ in wall HDMI cable. The equipment is in a built in cabinet in a different wall than the TV.

Yes, new LG TVs don’t recognize DTS audio any more, but with Kodi Passthrough setting you can still enjoy it.
Selecting 2.0 channels is the right way, although it’s very confusing. It’s been like that since very beginning :slight_smile:
From Kodi Wiki: “Select the number of channels supported by the audio connection, or the number of speakers if connected by analogue connections. This setting does not apply to passthrough audio.” See also this.

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