Audio settings missing: Keep audio device alive + Send low volume noise

Dear Developers

Please consider adding these two settings: Keep audio device alive + Send low volume noise to CoreELEC as this is keeping me on LibreElec.

Without both these options, my TV sometimes stops sending sound to my soundbar and I’m left hearing sound from my TV speaker. I then have to go my TV settings and re-enable my receiver - which I don’t want to have to constantly do.

My setup is as follows: Media player connected to TV (HDMI), TV connected to soundbar (ARC - HDMI) with CEC is enabled on my TV / media player (Minix Neo U1).

Is this a possibility?

These options are already there and I’m using them. Make sure your settings level are set to Expert and go to the Settings > System > Audio


Have you actually installed and tried CoreELEC before making this request?

As @newkind has pointed out these options are already there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks newkind, can’t believe I didn’t think to click on the Expert button. Now I don’t have to keep switching between LibreElec and CoreElec