Audio speeds up and slows down in CoreElec 9.2.3 on X96 Mini

I’ve been using CoreElec for a short while after switching over from LibreElec, as the performance of CoreElec under Amlogic hardware is reputedly better.

In my first week or so of testing, I’ve run into only one issue. As I collect music videos and often like to play through them using Party Mode, I’ve noticed that on some files the audio slows down and speeds up as the video plays, making it sound like I’m playing a stretched cassette tape or a vinyl record on a turntable with a warped drive belt.

Is this a known issue with a known solution? I’ve scoured the forums and not found anything, but I’m not particularly au fait with finding information in Discourse so I might be lacking in expertise in finding threads dealing with this issue, if there indeed are any.

I thought I’d reply to my own question as I found that turning “Sync playback to display” OFF has fixed this issue completely!