Audio Sync Issue

Nobody is judging the developers. You all do great work. But when a thread has a bunch of people all reporting the same thing, starting at the exact same cycle in the development, it’s ignorant and rude to just dismiss it and threaten to close a thread. Maybe you need to learn a thing or two about tone and delivery when you post things, because your previous post just came off as rude and dismissive.

Nobody is ripping into the developers or you. You’re ripping into people reporting an issue. That’s all.

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Thank you for your answer. We said already multiple times it’s not possible for us to replicate the “issue”.
All we hear from users: “it’s not in sync”. But no answer to any debug request. Or anyone did summarize the similarities of the users to track down the reason.

What we don’t see can’t be solved.

Closed until someone have more to say than: “there is an issue”

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